Alex Rivetti


Professional magician, he starts his journey in magic in 1995, when he was just 13, dedicating himself to the study of both stage and close up magic.


In October 2006 he works for the Monte Carlo Magic Stars festival, entertaining guests at the Princess Grace Theater in Monaco.


Magic Magazine, the world’s largest selling publication for magicians, dedicates the "Expertalk" section of the July 2009 issue to Alex, to talk about card magic.


Even though he has Italian as his first language, he is used to performing in English for international audiences. In February 2011 and then again in February 2012 Alex worked in the Kingdom of Bahrain, performing during events promoted by the Italian embassy.


In April 2013 he performed at the Magic International Congress of Saint Vincent, as a finalist in the Italian Championship of Magic 2013.


From March to July 2013, he is a regular guest of the show "Bingo family" aired on Italian TV Lottomatica TV.


In March 2017, Rai Scuola broadcasts its performance in theater as part of the Genoa Science Festival, an event with which it has been collaborating for over 10 years.


From March to August 2019 Alex toured all around Italy in twenty different cities with "Magic recycling": a show for Shopping Centers with an ecological message, a project of the Ministry of the Environment.


Whatever the venue, strolling close-up magic at a cocktail party, or a formal close-up show at a private residence, a trade show or a stage show at a banquet, Alex always has as his main goal to generate wonder and fun.




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